Adaptive Reuse

The adaptive reuse concept can cover a wide range of “right sizing” opportunties and building transformations. Many of our customers are reevaluating their needs and relocating to buildings or existing spaces that are better suited for them. We can often aid a client in deciding whether to right size a building, proving an opportunity for a new use.

Adaptive Reuse can also change the primary function of the structure, while retaining some of the existing architectural elements that make the building unique. This initiative reclaims space by conserving land and reducing the amount of sprawl. It is sometimes more efficient and environmentally responsible to redevelop older buildings closer to urban cores than it is to build new construction on greenfield sites—"smart growth."

We evaluate potential by first providing “dashboard budgets” based on limited information. From that point, we work with the designers to further refine the budget to a “go” or “no-go” action decision. If the decision is to go, we distill the budget during the design process to ensure that the budget is maintained, subject to scope changes.